Yes, Batman can be defeated


A few times I have been accused of being a “bat-bigot” because I believe that Batman could beat a lot of superheroes in hand-to-hand combat and have been accused of saying Batman could defeat anyone, even if they had powers. That is not the case. I do believe that there are some heroes who could beat Batman to hand-to-hand combat. I will also talk address their abilities based on this star scale.

*- Advantage, but Batman could overcome **- Could become a standoff ***-Batman is defeated

Here’s a list of heroes I think could defeat Batman (this is not complete):

  1. Daredevil- The Man Without Fear has a distinct advantage over Batman with his radar powers. **
  2. Black Canary- The second Dinah Lance is a crime fighting prodigy and an original founder of the Justice League before the New 52 reboot. Even without her “canary cry” she would be someone tough to spar with. **
  3. Ironfist- While Batman trained for many years on being a Martial Artist, Ironfist was raised by Kung Fu fighting monks. He has way more experience even without his “iron fist” powers. ***
  4. Leonardo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- He was trying by a ninja rat and has a shell to protect his backside. *
  5. Usagi- The ronin rabbit is a Samurai warrior. He is exceptionally skilled and could defeat the Dark Knight. *
  6. Ryu- The Street Fighter character could defeat Batman with a “hadouken!” **
  7. Spider-Woman- The original, Jessica Drew, could defeat Batman. Her psionic blast would be enough to paralyze him.***
  8. Snake-Eyes- The GI Joe ninja I believe would take-out the Dark Knight. ***
  9. Rage- At first, Batman would carry the fight, but then when the New Warrior turned mad, it could get ugly. *
  10. Terry Bogard- The main character of Fatal Fury and later King of Fighters, he is an unstoppable force of Martial Arts skill. He could take on the Dark Knight and then all the Robins. ***




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