75 years of Batman!


I am Vengeance! I am the Night! I am Batman!

Here we are, true believers! 

When I was a young lad, my Dad decided he wanted to show me that evil is evil. There is no gray areas when it comes to crime, especially when it hurts another human being. He wanted me to grow up with a strong sense of justice and thus he introduced me to Batman: The Animated Series

It was very violent for a kid’s cartoons. It used real guns (unlike Spider-Man: The Animated Series which used lasers) and had a dark background and even touched on drugs and alcohol use. The point is, my dad knew that Batman would inspire a strong sense of justice in me, and that was a fatal decision, for not only did I grow up with a huge sense of justice, but a love for a fictional character was born that I have never grown out of. Detective_Comics_27

Batman (originally The Bat-Man) was created in May 1939 by Bob Kane. He was a combination of Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, Dracula, and a dash of a now little known pulp hero called The Black Bat (the creator of said character tried to sue Detective Comics, but they settled out of court). At first, Batman was a dark, brooding character that used guns like many of the gritty detectives of his days, but after War World 2 was over, Bill
Finger convinced Bob Kane to disarm Batman because people would want heroes who had more resolve and restraint. He was proven right, for years later, that has become a staple of the character. 

To paraphrase longtime comic book writer Dennis O’Neil’s history of the character: In the 30s and 40s he was dark, brooding detective who was like a humanized vampire bat. In the 50s, he became more upbeat and the issues focused more on detective work. In the 60s, the atomic age brought bizarre scientific anomalies for Batman. In the 70s, he became a parody of himself and the comic was almost canceled altogether. In the 80s, he returned to his darker side akin to his roots. In the 90s, he transitioned into more apocalyptic story lines. In the early 2000s, he became an obsessive Batman who would stop at nothing to fulfill his vow to his parents. In the 2010s, we find Batman being killed by Darkseid, only to return to found Batman Incorporated to go globally, and to see a reboot of his whole origin. 

Since we are celebrating 75 years of Batman in the month of May, I will write only Batman related articles to celebrate my all-time favorite character. Have fun and I hope you enjoy!

batman insignias

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