The Undeniable Logic of Children


My church has this beautiful rock garden by our chapel. It is really a testament to our many great volunteers who work hard at our church. Most people comment on it every now and then. 

Often times, children will try to pick the rocks to play or collect, but our kids pastor, their parents, and our church’s ushers often remind the children not to play with these rocks as they are an important part of the church’s grounds and should be kept safe. One little girl, about 5 or 6, took this to heart.

Nearby the chapel, we use to have these sandwich signs to help direct people to our sanctuary. A gloomy Sunday morning after service, it was clear from the sky that rain was about to come. 

This little girl, started moving rocks out of the rock garden and placing them under the sign. Now, there was not way all of the rocks could fit under the sign, but this little girl was determined. Her mother finally noticed and walked over to talk to her, asking her what she was doing. 

Answering with a logical tone, the little girl said, “Mommy, I’m putting the rocks under the sign.”

“Why? There’s no reason to,” her mother said. 

“Yes, there is mommy. It is about to rain and we’re suppose to keep the rocks safe. Remember?”

To her, the fact that the rocks were there for a rock garden did not register. To her, it was all about the rocks. A rock garden does not make sense to a child, but special rocks do. I was among the kids in the universe that had a rock collection. They were nothing special, but to me they were more precious than gold. 

When looking through the eyes of a child, we see the world in a very different manner. There is no complications. The rocks make the rock garden, ergo we must protect the rocks. 

As adults, we want to complicate everything. We want to fill it in with useless details that won’t make a different in the long run anyway. We should try to hang back and look at things as a child would. There is simple and undeniable logic to the way a child sees the world. 

When things are complicated, then we should explore that way, but I prefer to see things simply. Yes or no. Right or wrong. All other details will work themselves out. 

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