The Real Meaning of WWJD

real meaning of WWJD

Remember the old 90s cliche, “What Would Jesus Do?” It was stylized on hundreds of products from bumper stickers to bracelets as WWJD. 

It is sad that it became a cliche because I really believe the heart behind it was in the right place. It was asking Christians everywhere to look at different situations and ask themselves how Jesus would handle it. There were several songs including Big Tent Revival’s song What Would Jesus Do that tried to display the spirit of the movement. 

However, as the 2000s came along and it once again became popular for Christians to be ridiculed, the movement began to fall away. Even Christian themselves began to mock it, saying that Jesus would want us to be ourselves. 

Believe or not WWJD did not get started in the 1990s. It was actually brought to the forefront thanks to the classic book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. An incredible Christian fiction book that really captured what it was like to follow after Jesus. It was not about developing a hive-mind, it was about living the way Jesus would want us to live. 

Now, I know God wants me to be me and He wants me to be free to be me, but I know that He still calls me to righteousness and holiness. I am proud to try to live as Christ did. I will always seek Holy Spirit’s wisdom, but I want to live my life and ask, “What Would Jesus Do?”

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