Graphic Novel Review- Wolverine: Not Dead Yet

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet‘ is a graphic novel that collects Wolverine issues #199-122. It is written by comic book veteran Warren Ellis and drawn by the very talented Leinil Yu.

In Hong Kong, Wolverine becomes acquainted with the Scottish mercenary McLeish. However, it is revealed that McLeish used him to kill his girlfriend’s father, a Chinese film producer who refused to pay off the triad. Wolverine kills McLeish and his client out of revenge. Ten years later, Logan is sitting alone in a bar. He’s on break from the X-Men after having the adamantium ripped from his bones. As he arrives home, he finds assassins waiting for him. He soon learns McLeish is alive and wants to hunt him and a weary Wolverine wonders how to stop him.

Warren Ellis and Leinil Yu make the perfect to take on this story. Yu’s artwork is perfect for making Wolverine jump off the page. Likewise, Ellis makes Logan seem more down-to-earth, a vigilante trying to come to terms with his past and his “berserker” side. It was a poignant tale and one that pitted him against a worthy adversary. Their showdown is one for the ages.

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