Classic Film Review- The Haunted Strangler

01 The Haunted strangler The Haunted Strangled is a 1958 British horror film know directed by Robert Day, also know as The Grip of The Strangler. While little known today, it did make it into the Criterion Collection, a prized accomplishment.

Twenty years after a man named Edward Styles is accused of murdering five women in London, a social reformer/novelist named James Rankin (Boris Karloff) believes Styles was not the killer. He begins a journey to find another suspect; a young doctor that mysteriously vanished after Styles was executed. He also manages to locate the new suspects medical bag and finds a scalpel missing. His search for clues leads him to the Judas Hole, a disreputable dance hole where the final victim was killed. After hearing testimony, he begins to become obsessed with the case, neglecting his wife and daughter, who is in love with Rankin’s assistant. However, his snooping calls the killer out and now it is a race to find the real killer and bring him to justice.

This film is billed as a horror film, but it more of a thriller film. It relies on twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat and it is successful. Though the identity of the killer is revealed a bit too early, it still kept my interest piqued as the plot developed. 

As for the performances, Boris Karloff shines as James Rankin and is, as usual, unbelievable in his acting skills. The rest of the cast have much smaller roles and relies heavily on Karloff. While an imperfect film, it is still a classic. If you find it in the Criterion Collection section of your local DVD/Video store, be sure to pick it up. It is suspenseful, well acted, and well told.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Scenes of violence and suggestive dancing

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m sorry, Barbara, but a man must do the work in which he believes

Check out the trailer below:

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