Graphic Novel Review- New 52 Batman: The City of Owls

Batman: The City Of Owls is the next volume of the New 52 version of the Dark Knight written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo. James Tynion IV joins as co-writer and several other artists join in with the variant covers.

Bruce may have survived his initial encounter with the Court of the Owls, but they are not ready to give up control of Gotham City just yet. As Batman fights to stop them, he discovers that mayoral candidate Lincoln March could be involved and has an encounter with him that could change his fate. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze is planning something with the Court that could have devastating repercussions.

Once again, Scott Snyder delivers in this epic battle for the soul of Gotham City. When it comes to modern comics, they can be hit or miss, but I’m very impressed with how the New 52 is handling Batman. With this series at least, they have done a good job of honoring the past while bringing Batman into the modern era.

The same could be same for the artwork. Batman battles a Talon in one of the middle chapters and Greg Capullo truly pulls a fantastic fight scene. The whole series was good, even among guest artists, but that particular was a masterclass in how to illustrate a fight scene. In all aspects, it was impressive.

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