Movie Review Flashback- Disney’s Miracle

Gavin O’Connor directs this story of American champions. It shows a nation afraid, afraid of loosing everything. It shows the pressure put on a team. One team. A team of the greatest college hockey players in the United States are placed in a tough position. They must beat the unstoppable Soviet Russian hockey team at the height of the Cold War.

Coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) is tasked with coaching the USA’s 1980 Olympic Hockey Team. He knows that to do this, he has to change everything about coaching the sport to unite a team of mismatched players. As the Russians continue to dominate by playing like a well-oiled machine, the USA Team does not seem to handle the teamwork. They are bickering, fighting, but that is not the only problem.

The politics of the day are also interfering with the hockey team. As tensions build between America and Russia, it could interfere with how they play hockey and where they play the game.

This is am inspiring film about the spirit that is in every American. It shows how we defeated an unstoppable force with our unbeatable spirit. Of course, it being a Disney film, they have to give a shout-out to former President Jimmy Carter, one of the worst chief executives in our nation’s history. 

Kurt Russell is brilliant as Coach Brooks. He nailed the part and while the film does take liberties with the history, it definitely showed the spirit of the Cold War as communism continued to dominate Europe and the minds of Americans. However, one hockey team showed what it truly means to be a team made up of individuals. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Great moments come from great opportunity. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Language and sports related violence

Check out the trailer below:

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