Movie Review Flashback- The Fugitive (1993)


Directed by Andrew Davis was given the helm of The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford, the remake of the 1960s television show of the same name. I have not seen a single episode of the original series, so I have no way of comparing it. The film, however, was nominated for seven Academy Awards but won only one for Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor. 

Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is a well-loved surgeon living in Chicago. He’s got everything going for him until he comes home one day to find a one-armed man in his home. This man has murdered his wife, but the police arrest him. He’s tried, found guilty, and sentenced to the death penalty, but escapes with some other inmates. 

Enter Deputy US Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones). He does not care if Kimble is guilty or innocent, he is just a fugitive and he plans on catching him. Kimble outsmarts them at every turn, but the US Marshals are hot on his tail and they will stop at nothing to catch him and bring him in. 

I will say, this is an excellent film that brings the story into the modern era. Andrew Davis is known for such action films like Code of Silence starring Chuck Norris and Under Siege starring Steven Siegel. He takes it to a whole new level with this film, taking the action genre and making it something incredible.

Remakes and reboots are a dime a dozen these days, but they were not as common in the nineties. These days they churn out like butter with varying results. Again I have not seen the original show, but this is a solid movie to say the least.

Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are excellent actors and it really shows in the role they perform. They carry the film, making it an exciting and engaging film. The rest of the cast also pulls out top performances, making it a thrill ride.

Bottom line, The Fugitive is a gem of the nineties and one that shows us how reboots and remakes can be good. At least when they are made by people who had reverence for the original content.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m innocent. 

PARENTAL CONCERN: Violence and language

Check out the trailer below:

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  1. […] The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones was a remake of a hit TV Show. Because the main character mainly jumped from place to place, only he and the antagonist, the one armed man, were the main characters. It made it easy to adapt to the big screen. It took the basic premise, a man falsely accused is on the run to find his wife’s true killer. He is being pursued by a US Marshall who does not care about his guilt or innocence. He’s just after a fugitive. […]

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