Movie Stuck In Development Limbo We Want To See: Animated Edition

movie stuck in development limbo animated films

What is development limbo? It is Hollywood movies that have gotten starts, but for whatever reason have never moved forward. As seen in Part 3, development limbo is not limited to live action films. It can happen to animated films as well. Here is my list of Movies Stuck In Development Limbo We Want To See: Animated Edition. 

Batgirl Year One- Based on the Batman DC Comic book miniseries that tells Barbara Gordon’s origin, this film was put on hold due to the negative reviews of the Wonder Woman animated film. However, the recent Batman animated films success may help revive the project. 

The Incredibles 2- Pixar has always been hesitant to do sequels, even with the success of the Toy Story franchise. However, this tale of a superhero family has been pushed for awhile, but to no avail. UPDATE: A sequel to The Incredibles has been announced!

Spyro the Dragon- Based on the video game of the same name. It was announced 2007 for a Christmas release, but nothing has been heard since 2009. 

Sinestro Corps War- Another series based on a DC Comic series, this Green Lantern storyline was well received and rumors have been circulating for years that Warner Bros. Animation has been writing a script.

ArchAngels: The Fall- Based on the comic book series of the same name, it was highly popular idea and a trailer was even released. However, the last news was that it had been canceled. 

Felix the Cat- Based on the old cartoon series of the same name, there were suppose to be a whole franchise coming out, but nothing has come of it since the initial announcements. 

The Wind in the Willows remake- A darker version of the story was announced in 2012. However, due to no new news it seems that the original animated one is still reigning supreme. 

The King of Elves- This Philip K. Dick short story was suppose to have been a live action film until Disney bought the rights to it. The director of Bolt was suppose to direct it, but no news has come from the project. 

ThunderCats- Based on the epic 80s cartoon, a film has been talked about since the 1980s. As of 2010, the film has been put on hold even though another animated series started in 2011. 

Wonder Woman 2- As stated early, while the first animated Wonder Woman film is in the top ten of DC Comic book adaptions, it was poorly reviewed. A sequel has been stalled because of this. UPDATE: Since Warner Bros. Animation has been adapting New 52 stories successfully, they are taking a second look at a Wonder Woman feature. 

That is my list of favorite animated films stuck in development. Check out Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 



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