Book Review: Love & War

Brought to us by the power team couple Jason and Stasi Eldredge (of Wild At Heart & Captivating fame), Love & War is spiritual book about marriage. It takes the reader on a course through the hurts, the healings, the tears, the fears, the laughs, and the loves.

The couple provides a way into looking at marriage through the eyes of both the husband and the wife. They discuss how to heal through wounds, how to communicate, help us to learn when to talk, and even when not to talk. They help us see through the eyes of God how much a marriage between two people matter, and what it represents as a whole. (Yes, they 01 Love & Wareven have a chapter on s-e-x.)

One chapter that impacted me the most was when they were talking about watching out for the enemy when he plants little traps for us and our spouse. He lies, steals, and creates suspicions in us in an attempt to destroy our marriage. The enemy knows how sacred marriage is to God and will do whatever it takes to ruin them.

Me and my fiancee read through this as pre-marital counseling book and I can say for both of us how much it opened our eyes. I highly recommend it to anyone considering marriage, just got married, or even those who have been married for awhile. It will lead you into a world of knowledge.

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