UPDATE- Top 25 Christian Inspiration Books

A little over a year ago, I published an article about the 2012 Top 20 Christian Inspiration of books I read. I am updating it with another five extra books, added to the original list, making it the top 25, from way back when. These are books that encouraged, inspired, or challenged me to go to the next level in my walk with God or my daily life. Some of them are a bit older, but they are still relevant for today. They gave me good tools, helped me through problems, and led me to a new faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend these books to any Christian brother or sister who is looking to expand their horizons.

Christian Singles: Where’s My Mate?Bethany K. Scanlon makes the journey to finding your soul mate a little more clearer. She brings it all together in a very helpful, albeit, simplified manner.

01 Where's my mateNot Even A Hint- Joshua Harris’ book breaks down lust and the complexities that go along with it in this outstanding book for teens. This is a generalized book that can appeal to both genders and help them better understand this struggle.

01 not even a hintThe Case For Christ- This book is the first in a series by Lee Strobel. It brought the reasoning, the evidence, and the impact of the story of Jesus Christ. I’ve heard many stories of skeptics who read this book and it changed their lives.

Dreaming With GodBill Johnson is a master at his craft. He brings us incredible works that challenge our paradigm about how God operates. This book gives us permission to pursue our creativity with the power of Holy Spirit.

Wild At Heart- This is a book for men that will challenge the way you think. It helps explore real masculinity, not chauvinism, from a godly perspective. John and Stasi Eldredge really hit the head of the nail with this one.

Experiencing Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost: This is a book that redefines what it means to truly know God as father. For many years, I thought of Father as just another title for God, but the truth is, when Jesus died on that cross and rose again, we become part of God’s family. We were bought with a price, adopted, and given new names. This book will help rediscover what it’s like to truly know God as your Heavenly father.

Strengthen Yourself In The Lord by Bill Johnson: What do we do in days of doubt? According to this book, we rejoice! Nehemiah 8:10, “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” This book shows us practical ways to come to know the joy of the Lord. It teaches us to overcome bad days and how to encourage us, and those around us. It is practical and relevant to the needs of the day.

Shine by Peter Furler & the newsboys: Is there a real way to let your light shine? According to Peter Furler, former lead singer of the newsboys, there is. This book is packed with the truth on what witnessing really is. It has comments written by Furler’s fellow newsboys. This is not some cheesy devotional written by a Christian band, this is great resource for anyone looking to witness.

Battle Cry For A Generation by Ron Luce: If you need to rally yourself and your student ministries team, no one does it better than the director of Acquire of Fire. The data in this book is a tad out dated, but if you need a booster and a call to action, this is the book for you!

The Way of the Christian Samurai by Paul Nowak: Do you know what it is like to be a warrior for Christ? Neither did I, until this book. This book explores what it is like to be a warrior of honor and dignity. It shows, in parable and metaphor, how we can use the wisdom of those ancient Japanese warriors to become a warrior bound not by fear, but by honor and nobility in Jesus Christ.

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton: Do we really know who we truly are in Christ? Too many times we’re told that we’re nothing and worth nothing, but Kris Vallotton debunks that  theory. Through compelling arguments and Biblical proof, he teaches us that in Christ, we’re a new creation. We’re now part of God’s royal family thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus: This book was previously titled Seizing Your Divine Moment. It explores how God has given us one life, and we should live it to the fullest. It shows us that God wants us to go exploring, even at the risk of failure, because life is one big adventure. God has given us dreams, and we should seek to live them out, because He gave them to us for a purpose.

Culture of Honor by Danny Silk: What does it look like to live a life of honor? Sometimes it can hurt. Sometimes it does not make sense. Sometimes the people you serve under are jerks. Danny Silk covers these discussions and many more in this compelling expose on what true honor really is. It explores how we can honor those around us and the leadership above us, but more importantly, it shows us how to honor God.

The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel: He has written many books that speak to the Apologetic in all Christians. This book is probably one of his most important. It attacks the theories surrounding the ever secular beliefs about who Jesus was, and the theories that say He didn’t even exist. He shows through a series of interviews and exploration of evidence that Jesus is the Son of God, and is God. He’s the Savior of all mankind. He’s who was and is and is to come!

The Happy Intercessory by Beni Johnson: Do you ever why intercession is so hard? It’s because we make it hard. Beni Johnson shows us how we can be a prayer warrior, but keep joy in our life. She shows us how God uses that joy and unity to make our prayers come to life. If you are a prayer warrior or an intercessor, you should pick up this book and start exploring.

Jesus Culture by Banning Liebscher: This book is for youth pastors and lead pastors alike. It shows how we have to not encourage a generation gap, but bring together the generations. Jesus is not coming back for a multi-generational church, He’s coming back for one body, and one Church. This book will rally you to fight for your generation, the generation before you, and the future generations.

Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson: Pastor Bill does have two books on this list. This one is a gem and is perhaps one of his greatest works. This books explores how a life of miracles is not impossible, nor hard to discover. He shows us that we can be supernatural by doing the things God has told us to do, like prayer, worship & praise, and spreading the Gospel. It’s not hard, we just meed practice.

You May All Prophesy by Steve Thompson: Have you ever wondered about the prophetic? This book explores the gift of prophecy. The author delves into it and how it is alive and necessary today. He breaks it down to layman terms so that all of us can understand what prophecy really is. He debunks some theories and helps us see that the gift of prophecy is for the edification of the church.

Sexual Revolution: The Naked Truth About Moral Purity by Kris Vallotton: This is the second edition of the book on purity by Pastor Kris. The first is called Purity: The New Moral Revolution and the newest edition is simply Moral Revolution. Each of them is different, but each has a core message. God values your purity. It’s not something to just give away. It’s a badge of honor and it should be worn proudly until marriage.

Winning With People by John C. Maxwell: He’s known for his books on leadership, but this one is different. This one shows you the value in working and getting along with people. It gives you principles on making new friends, setting up boundaries, and how to be, well, friendly. He does a good job in teaching us how to have a good attitude, which, in this day and age, is a good skill to have with all the negativity in the world today.

For Men Only by Jeff FeldhanhFor Women Only by Shaunti Feldhanh: I put these books together because they are companion books that go side by side, in fact, you can even get them together as one book. This pairing explores the mind of a man and the mind of a women, but each from the opposite gender’s perspective. It is founded in strong, Biblical relationship principles that will help you relate to member of the opposite sex.

The Case For A Creator by Lee Strobel: If you want to explore arguments that help you with your atheistic friends, than this is the book for you. It covers through extensive interviews and evidence that there is a Creator who made the Earth and all of the living creatures. He is God, and He made the Earth very special. He made us with a plan. This book shows the evidence for that, and much more.

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson: Have you ever had a dream, but gave it up? That’s a very common story. Bruce Wilkerson explores how God wants us to follow our dreams. He wants us to chase after them. He wants us to succeed in them. Part fiction, part nonfiction, it takes you on a journey to finding your dreams and to succeed in accomplishing them.

One on One by David Allbritton: Why is witnessing is so difficult? Pastor Allbritton, may he rest in peace, breaks it down for us. He explores how witnessing can be as simple as asking, “Do you want to be blessed by God?” He breaks it down for us in such a way that anyone of us can find no excuse for bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Honor’s Reward by John Bevere: This book is one of the most expansive on honor. It teaches us how to be honorable even when the leader we are following is possibly taking advantage of us. Sometimes it is hard, but God wants us to be honorable, even when it hurts. Take the high road, because the low road leads to destruction. You can succeed, but you must be honorable.


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