Movie Review Flashback- X2: X-Men United

Bryan Singer returns to direct the 2003 film X2: X-Men United, which continues the saga of the mutant franchise, based on the Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee. It brings the characters to full circle and explores the origins of one of the most iconic anti-heroes on the team.

Following a startling attack on the US President (Cotter Smith) by the mutant Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming), a strikeforce is formed by General Stryker (Brian Cox). Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Cyclops (James Mardsen) are captured while visiting Magneto (Ian McKellan).

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) defends the X-Mansion from the invaders and manages to help many students get away while he escapes with Iceman (Shawn Ashmore), Rogue (Anna Paquin), and Pyro (Aaron Stanford). This forces to Wolverine to face his past and step up to help the X-Men as Stryker puts his deadly plan into motion.

The movie has updated special effects (well, for its time period). It takes place almost immediately after the events of the first film and creates a different world where mutants are even more in the spotlight. It is the perfect advancement of the story and shows the consequences of actions, even good ones.

This is my favorite of the original trilogy. It shows the emotional impact that the X-Men face while trying to defend a world that hates them. The performances of the actors is top notch as the story unfolds into an emotional and terrifying story about what it means to bring unity to a world where people are different.

FAVORITE QUOTE: We’ll be watching.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Violence

Check out the movie trailer below:

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