Devotional- Using Your Talent For God

Everyone has a talent or gift. It can be anything from being a CEO of a multibillion dollar company to being a pastor to a congregation of churchgoers. Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you have no talent. The Bible says everyone has a very important gift that needs to be used for the Kingdom of God. They are held responsible to use their talent to help their fellow man and their The-King-James-Biblebrothers in Christ. If you don’t, you could deprive your family, friends, and church of a key element they are missing.

What does that mean? If you’re in ministry, it means giving your talent to serve God through His Word. Here is one for you: it means the same outside of ministry. It means living a life of love, joy, peace, patience, generosity, kindness, honesty, goodness, self-control, and of course faith. When you are at work or at home and you put these things into the mix  with your talent, whatever it is, you are using it for God’s purposes.

The Bible says that the church is like a body. An arm can’t operate without a shoulder. Remember that next time someone tells you that you don’t have a talent. If you see someone using their talent, don’t stop them. The Bible says to allow them to do it cheerfully. 

Sometimes, it may cost you. You stand and use your talent for good, and sometimes you will encounter conflict. Remember, we live in a very deceived world. People say that right is wrong and wrong is right. In the end, God will bless you abundantly if you use your talent for Him. The apostles in the Book of Acts faced all kinds of adversity, but God’s blessing was prevalent all through their lives. They did everything according to his word, even the tent makes Aquila and Priscilla.

Using your talent for God is the most special thing you can do. Whether you’re in the ministry, marketplace, healthcare, or entertainment, God will bless if you use it for him.

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