Being A Nerd: A Satirical Story

Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.
-Simon Pegg

 When I was six or seven years old, my parents introduced me to Batman: The Animated  Series, and after that, they started buying me Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. They would not realize it until years later, but they had created a monster.

I became fascinated with the stories in comic books. Batman was instantly my favorite. I was always watching some adaption: Spider-Man on FoxKids, Superman: The Animated Series & Men-In-Black on KidsWB, etc. I started 01 Being a nerdreading The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, and a host of other comic book series. This led to a love of science fiction like Star Wars, Star Trek (yes, I like both), Transformers, and on and on and on!

As I got older, I realized something, I was a rare breed. Sure, people like nerdy things to an extent, but I was studying comic books like a paleontologist studies fossils. I had begun writing fanfiction as a teenager and had even wrote an entire series of Transformers. Yes, an entire one. I even called my short stories “episodes.”

That seemed weird to a lot of people (you know: those people) and they (you know: them) would confront me and explain how I needed to mature and grow up. So sadly, I gave in. I had bought a ton of memorabilia over the years (by that I mean: toys), and I decided to take the first step and gave all of my collectibles to charity. Some kids at Goodwill were really happy that year.

However, I stayed a closeted nerd. I would secretly watch shows and movies when I knew I would be home alone. Occasionally, I would run into another nerd, who was also closeted, and we would exchange info on the happenings of comic book and sci-fi geekdom.

My friend Tim never gave up on me. He would always encourage me to come out of the closet and admit I was a nerd. I just couldn’t do it, fearing to be cast out from my circle of friends. Tim would always send me his fanfiction to edit and I would do it, and LOVE it!

When I came to seminary, I decided to schedule a Christian counseling session just to check on myself. The counselor talked to me for a little bit, and just stopped. He must have heard from God because he asked me if I loved comic books and even specifically named Batman and Spider-Man. When I told him that I gave that up, he told me that God loves nerds and that I should not be ashamed of my love for science fiction and comic books.

After that session, I went to Target to buy some toothpaste and I noticed that DC Animated Movies had just released Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. It was on sale, so I bought it and never looked back. The comic books, the t-shirts, and collectibles all came back. I am now not ashamed of my nerd vibe. In fact, I am proud of it!

If you are reading this and you are nerd, it’s cool! It’s just who you are and you should never be ashamed of it. In fact, don’t just geek out on someone else’s ideas, create your own too! Use your extensive knowledge of science fiction and/or fantasy to create your own worlds and parallel universes. That has the greatest satisfaction!

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