Book Review- Me, Myself, & Bob

“Technically, the cucumber came first. By that I mean he was created first. The cucumber. Larry. But he was alone, and it was not good. So I gave him a sidekick. A tomato. Named Bob. Larry was the loveable goofball—the guy who could entertain your kids at a birthday party. But Bob had ambition. The first words that ever came out of his mouth were in fact, “I have a dream…” Bob was a dreamer. He wanted to change the world. Like me.”

-From the back cover

Phil Vischer was the co-founder of Big Idea Productions, the company that was responsible for 3-2-1 Penguins, but more importantly than that, it was the company that brought us VeggieTales! The author gives us a semi-autobiographical account of how the 01 Me-Myself-and-Bobidea was formed, and from that the creation of talking vegetables brought the stories from the Bible to life and into our inner child’s mind.

This book brought back so many memories for me. I grew up watching the VeggieTales movies. My favorite for a long time was Josh & The Big Wall, and then it was Sumo of the Opera. I never stopped loving them and will definitely expose my children to them.

Mr. Vischer’s account of the creation of VeggieTales does not hold back. He talks about the hard times, the good times, and even the sad times. He allows us a front row seat into the formation and ultimately the fall of Big Idea Productions. He does not subscribe blame to anyone, but takes full responsibility. More importantly, he asks the question of ‘why God did this happen?’ I will not give you his answer. I want you to read this book. I totally and wholly endorse it. Everyone should read the sometimes tragic, but very often hilarious journey of Phil Vischer and his talking tomato alter ego Bob.

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