Book Review- Spirit Wars

Kris Vallotton wowed us with The Supernatural Ways of Royalty. He gave us hope in Heavy Rain. He taught us about purity in Moral Revolution. Now he gives us a whole new dimension of spiritual warfare in his newest book: Spirit01 spirit-wars Wars: Winning the Invisible Battle Against Sin and the Enemy.

The book was study on the battle of the mind that the enemy challenges us with everyday. I really got into it and grasped a several new ideas and revelations that helped to not only solidify some teachings, but also to impart their practice to me.

I learned the power of thoughts and how strong of a foothold I can give the enemy when I entertain thoughts that are not my own. That was one of the biggest revelations in the book for me. I would struggle with temptation-type thoughts and think, “Man, this doesn’t sound like me.” I use to think it was my sin nature coming out of me, but now I know that it was thoughts from the enemy trying to trip me up. Now, if I have any thoughts that are not my nature or, even more importantly, the nature of Christ, then I flush them out of my mind like the waste that it is. I do not even give them a second to entertain inside of my head.

Spirit Wars is a great book and I hope you put it on your reading list. I know this book will continue to impact generations.

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