01 X-Men25. Chamber- Originally a member of Generation X, he was always an outsider even we got promoted to the X-Men. He was combined with Jonah Hex when Marvel and DC did their Amalgam series where the heroes were merged.

24. Longshot– He’s not a mutant, but he’s been a member of the X-Men. He joined to battle a common foe named Mojo, a violent dictator whom he eventually defeated. He married fellow X-Man Dazzler.

23. Siryn– She’s the daughter of Banshee, and a really awesome character. She even donned a costume that resembled her father’s at one time.

22. Cannonball– Originally a character from Generation X, he became a member of the X-Men, adding some humor to the group.

21. Marrow– She can grow and throw bones that she’s created. Her character has gone through many transitions, but is a staple with the modern X-Men. She was a featured character on Wolverine and the X-Men animated series.

20. Cyclops– He’s lucky to be on this list at all. He’s on here because he helped found the X-Men with the original five. He became the villain in Avengers VS. X-Men, but a past version of himself appears in All-New X-Men. I’m not found of him, but he has a pretty dedicated fan base.

19. Jubilee– Another character that came from Generation X, she made headlines when she joined the X-Men and became Wolverine’s sidekick/apprentice.

18. Banshee– Part of the second generation X-Men, he’s been on and off as a team member, but he’s always been by Professor X’s side through thick and thin. At point, he even became the school’s headmaster.

17. Polaris– Though she made headlines as a member of the second X-Factor, she has gone from villain to hero to villain to hero again without even blinking. She is Magneto’s daughter and carries almost as much power as him.

16. Beast– Hank McCoy is not only one of the founding X-Men, he even did a stint with the Avengers. His practically, intelligence, and philosophical meanderings have captivated readers for a long time.

15. Iceman– He’s just cool. Everyone loves him. He is also a founding member of the X-Men.

14. Psylocke– She can infuse anything with “psionic” energy. She’s one of the coolest of a generation of X-Men that brought a host of new characters. She appeared in the XTreme X-Men series about seeking out the mutant fortune teller Destiny’s diaries.

13. Havok– Scott Summer’s older brother Alex. He served as both the X-Men and the X-Factor leader for a time, but then got hurled into another dimension where he starred in the series Mutant X. It represented an alternate reality that had different versions of the X-Men.

12. Dazzler– She has literally dazzled us. She’s just a smooth and cool character that was part of a brand new X-Men series that saw Prof. X absent for most of it. She eventually married fellow X-Man Longshot, and became a member of his freedom fighters who were overthrowing Mojo.

11. Angel/Archangel– Before joining the X-Men as a founding member, he was a superhero in New York City called “The Avenging Angel.” At one point, he became a villain as one of Apocalypse’s Five Horsemen representing Death.

10. Rogue– The Southern belle that can absorb your powers, she is probably one of the most recognizable characters in the X-Men franchise. She has starred in Avengers as a villain, but soon joined the ranks of her fellow heroic mutants.

9. Gambit– He’s the cool Cajun from the next generation of X-Men. He was originally a villain, but became a hero. He is known for his on again/off again relationship with Rogue. He had his own series for awhile and has now returned to a starring role.

8. Colossus– I like the mainstream one, not the politically correct Ultimate version. I like his innocence and his desire for good. I was a little surprised he was included in the “Phoenix Five” during the Avengers VS. X-Men series because it seemed out of his character, but it was pretty cool.

7. Storm– Ororo Munroe came with the second generation of X-Men. She has since gone on to be one of the greatest and most recognizable characters of the franchise. At one point, she even became the leader of the team.

6. Nightcrawler– Joining at the same time as Storm, Kurt Wagner is one of the X-Men who became a well loved Catholic character. He also served in the European based Excalibur. He was recently killed off, but replaced with an evil version of himself. Lame!

5. Shadowcat– Kitty Pryde is one of the coolest characters to come out of the X-Men franchise. She’s got the phasing powers and eliminates a lot of the stereotypes about women. She even starred in her own series Mechanix for a while.

4. Bishop– He is from the future and formed the Xavier Security Agency to protect mutants in the future. However, he became trapped in the past and his hero, Professor Xavier, asked him to join the X-Men.

3. Marvel Girl/Phoenix– Though she is currently killed off, except a past version, Jean Grey has always been a staple of the X-Men as a founding member. She’s been through thick and thin, and even provided a love triangle to Cyclops and Wolverine.

2. Professor X– He brought together the Children of the Atom, and won our hearts as the founder of the X-Men, New Mutants, Generation X, and so many more. He’s been killed, healed and re-paralyzed, retired, turned into a villain, but came to the rescue in Avengers VS. X-Men. It’s nice to see him back in prominence.

1. Wolverine– He has been savage and reformed. He’s been a weapon, an Avengers, a X-Man, and so much more. He’s even become the founder of a new school for mutant children in his own titled series Wolverine and the X-Men, which is also the name of an animated series (not based on the comic).

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