Graphic Novel Review- Avengers VS. X-Men

Marvel’s epic clash of the titans was conceived as an answer to DC’s Flashpoint. This series saw the two greatest Marvel franchises square off, but in a different sense than the Marvel Civil War.

Since “M Day” when Wanda Maximoff (aka the Scarlet Witch), cursed the mutant race, many mutants lost their powers and not one mutant has been born, that is, until Hope Summers came into existence. To protect her, Cyclops sent her to the future to train with Cable, but now she has returned.

However, she’s not the only thing that has returned. The Phoenix Force is one its way, being naturally drawn to Hope. The Avengers want to hide her away to protect her, but Cyclops, still leading the X-Men, goes off his rocker and orders the X-Men to engage in combat.

At first, the Avengers seem to have the upper hand, but Hope attacks the Phoenix and it splits in five pieces, absorbing into Cyclops, Namor, Colossus, Magik, and Emma Frost. After that, the Avengers begin loosing and out of desperation, take Hope to K’un L’un to teach her to use the Iron Fist that Danny Rand wields.

What follows is a battle of the ages that will leave you cheering on and begging for more. You won’t be able to put it down or stop reading it. Every single round will keep you wanting more and more.

Go out and buy the graphic novel!

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