Tim Tebow is no longer a Jet, can’t say I’m surprised

When it was announced that my icon NFL 2nd string quarter back Tim Tebow had been drafted from the Denver Broncos to the New York  Jets, many of his fans cheered the move. I did not. Why? Because it’s a team in the franchise that is good at one thing: losing.

Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow sparked all kinds of publicity because he is a Christian. Some commentators tried to downplay his raw talent as beginner’s luck. I heard some of the commentary and it was awful. When I heard he was up for grabs in the NFL draft, I was excited and hoped he would at least get picked by an amazing team, even as 2nd string QB. To my shock, he went with the Jets.

They gave him a go early on, but soon it was clear they had no interest in letting him play. They let their looser quarterback play, even their third string, but not Tim Tebow, who brought the Broncos out of obscurity two seasons ago. I honestly believe this is a case of bigotry against Christians. Had Tebow been a Buddhist or a Muslim or even an Atheist, he would be out on the field everyday doing something.  Don’t believe me? Several liberal bloggers in New York criticized the Jets for picking him up for that reason. Goggle it and even search on FoxNews.  You’ll find several articles written in that manner.

There has been talk that Tim Tebow might leave the NFL altogether and go to Canada or the Arena Football League as many talented and mistreated players have gone. Hopefully, one of my teams, the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, or the New Orleans Saints will pick him up. I know that is a pipe dream, but here’s hoping!

Tim Tebow, if you ever read this, no you have fans that support you and have your back! Please keep trying! Something good will come along!

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