Graphic Novel Review- Avengers: Avengers World Volume 1

In 2013, Marvel Comics went to reset their publications with Marvel Now, which included a relaunch of their Avengers title and debuting the “Avengers World” story arc by writer Jonathan Hickman and artists Jerome Opeña and Andy Kubert.

When the mech Aleph, being Ex Nihilio, and his powerful sister Abyss arrive on Mars and begin terraforming it, they turn their attention to Earth launching destructive probes at it. This earns the attention of Iron Man and Captain America who decide they have to go beyond their previous roster and assemble a more powerful team of Avengers to face this new threat.

First of all, the artwork is pretty good. Both Opeña and Kubert do a good job with their respective issues. I especially liked how they both handled Tony Stark’s armor. They looked very sleek and pretty cool.

As for the writing, it was not bad, but I also did not find it as interesting as past threats the Avengers have faced. While I enjoy the universe threats, I do somewhat miss the street-level fights that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get involved in. There was also this weird scene where Spider-Man eats a salad that belonged to former New Mutant members Cannonball and Sunspot. It was a weird moment that was out of place with the rest of the story. I guess it was some lame attempt at creating drama.

Essentially, it was a mediocre story. Marvel Now has been a letdown from its inception and has not impressed me in the least.

That is my review. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below and while you are at it, check out my review of Batman: Gates of Gotham and Ultimate Captain America. Don’t forget to subscribe for more reviews like this one.

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