An Observation About Love: It’s a burning thing

I have this thought I would like to share. I am a young man who has met and departed from love many times. Now, I won’t say I’m an expert on love, especially romantic love, but I have been around the block.

Everyone assumes that love is like a musical. It’s like High School Musical, Singin’ in the Rain, or pretty much everything shy of reality. While we wish love was like that, and indeed it can become that, however, it almost never starts off like that.

Love is like the June Carter Cash song: Ring of Fire. Yes, Johnny Cash did perform it, but June actually wrote it.

Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring. Sometimes, love hurts. When you are far away from the one that you love, it’s painful. Everyday, you wish you could be there with them holding them in your arms. You push yourself on wanting you and your loved one to be closer. It feels like you are burning. Sometimes, the burn of love can come from another source besides long distance, and it hurts so much.

When you truly love someone, it hurts not to hear their voice or to lack even simply holding their hand. You listen to songs like: Journey’s Faithfully or Train’s Drops of Jupiter to remind yourself that your loved one is not so far away and the situation is temporary, but you still wish that they were here with you right now. That seems the only thing you want.

So, if love hurts sometimes, why do we fall in love? Because, when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it makes you the happiest man or woman on the planet. True love has no comparison. As scripture says, “the greatest of these is love.”

I have fallen in love, and I know she’s the one. We are currently long distance, but we got engaged the weekend of Easter. It is fitting, for the holiday represents new beginnings. Most of our engagement will be spent apart, as I go to ministry school and she lives 10 hours south of me. However, I think our love will overcome it. Sure, it hurts to be so far away from each other, and even with today’s machinations, it seems so great a distance, but I believe we will succeed because true love conquers all things.

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