Movie Review Flashback- The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard film

One of the greatest films to come out of 1992 (or just the 90s in general), The Bodyguard is a thriller directed by Mick Jackson and starring an all-star cast of characters.  

Rachel Marron (late Whitney Houston) is a music superstar who has just appeared in an Academy Award nominated film, with her receiving the nomination for Best Actress. A stalker begins to perform life threatening stunts, including sending a bomb to her dressing room. 

Enter Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner), a former Secret Service agent who is hesitant to take the job as her bodyguard since Marron’s handlers refuse to tell her the threat. Marron herself gives Farmer a hard time, but after a concert gets out of hand and she has to escape with Frank, she agrees to some of his security demands. 

They become involved romantically, but Frank decides he needs to just be her bodyguard, much to her chagrin. Meanwhile, the stalker is getting closer and closer to her, becoming more and more threatening. 

This is a great movie. The actors are fantastic in these roles. I’m not a huge Costner fan, but in this film, he and Houston have unmatched chemistry as a celebrity targeted by a brutal stalker. Director Jackson brilliantly tells the story and combines several facets that make the plot interesting. 

I am surprised it only garnered Academy Award nominations for music, but that is the way of Hollywood. They prefer to acknowledge Oscar bait instead of actual good films.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Wait! He’s my Bodyguard! Get some help!

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Strong language

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