Book Review- Ender’s Game

There’s probably not I can say about this particular novel that hasn’t already been said.

Orson Scott Card wrote a short story entitled The Battle Room, from that came the great science fiction edit that spawned: Ender’s Game. I recently read it knowing that a major motion picture was coming out sometime this year, so I picked up the “Author’s Definitive Edition” or so it says on the cover, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed.

Ender Wiggins, a young boy genius gets a full rise to Earth’s battle school where they immediately isolate him and challenge him (in worse ways than most students) in order to make him the greatest military commander in history. Meanwhile, on Earth, his brother Peter and sister Valentine manipulate Earth’s politics in order to make the world a better place. As Ender’s story progresses, seeing the world through an eleven year old soldier-in-training was an enthralling adventure.

Orson Scott Card did a fantastic job. The book kept me hook from the first chapter. He mixed first person narrative with third person and showed a progression of how children can become battle ready commanders if given the opportunity. Every award and accolade it won and the recognition Mr. Card received is well deserved.

I won’t bore you with my interpretation of the philosophies and symbolism of the book (maybe I should one day), but I highly recommend it to everyone. I am excited to see the film now and see what the comparison of the book.

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