Graphic Novel Review- Gates of Gotham

Brought to us by writers Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins and illustrator Trevor McCarthy, Batman: Gates of Gotham brings a Steampunk feel to the world of The Dark Knight.

The story takes place in pre-New 52, while Batman is recruiting fellow non-powered alliance called Batman Incorporated; Dick Grayson is being the lighthearted Batman of Gotham City. Damian Wayne (son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul) is a darker Robin.

When a mysterious madman in a hydro-suit threatens to blow up the Gates of Gotham (a nickname for the four main bridges coming into the city) he also plans to go after the four Gotham families: the Waynes, the Cobblepots, the Kanes, and the Elliots. We do not only get an amazing story that features Red Robin and Blackbat (Cassandra Cane, formerly Batgirl), but also a series of flashbacks to Gotham’s early days when absolute power corrupts absolutely. We get to see the city’s formation from a humble island city into the financial powerhouse it is today.

As mention above, the story takes place before the New 52, so Tim Drake as Red Robin is still cool. It was nice to see Cassandra Cain back in action as well. While Barbara Gordon is always a great Batgirl, I also thought Cassandra was the second best.

I applaud the artistic design of the story and the story itself. It is an excellent adventure and is also great at giving insights into Gotham’s origins. I highly recommend the story!

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