Movies Stuck In Development Limbo We Want To See Part 2

Part 2

So, what is Development Limbo? It is where abandoned film project go into suspended animation or die altogether. There are some pretty good films locked in there. There are films we would like to see. Check out this list and then head over to read Part 1!

Johnny Quest- A live action adaption of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon would be a real throwback if done right, but it has labored in limbo since the 1990s. UPDATED: A live-action film has been announced! Time will tell if it is the real thing.

Day of War- Based on the novel by Cliff Graham, it follows the story of King David from the Bible. It would be a 3-D epic in the vain of 2007’s Beowulf. However, the film’s production has been facing stalls since 2010. 

Napoleon- Stanley Kubrick wanted to get this project going. It would be an epic biopic of the famous French emperor, but he died before it was realized. Rumor has it that Steven Spielberg is interested in the project. 

Lunatic At Large- Another Stanley Kubrick project that was held up due to the director’s death. In 2010, there was talk of the screenplay being in development with Scarlett Johansson attached, but nothing has come of it. 

King Conan: Crown of Iron- A sequel to Conan the Destroyer, outcast film director John Milius (director of the first Conan film) has many film screenplays that have not been touched, but with the failure of the remake of Conan the Barbarian, there are rumors that they will return to the original film series. 

Meg- Based on the book about a dinosaur shark by Steve Alten, this has been suggested as a movie since 2007, but nothing has come of it. UPDATE: Jon Turteltaub of National Treasure franchise has been in talks to direct as of March 2016.

Black Widow- Since Iron Man 2, there has been suggestions of a solo movie (either a prequel or midquel) based on the Avengers character. However, nothing has moved forward, but the heroine’s increasing popularity may give rise to her own film.

National Treasure 3- Jon Turteltaub has stated he wants to do a third film that will reunite the entire cast of the first two, but that he wants to do it right. His obsession with perfection is what is slowing this movie down.

Carmen Sandiego- Jennifer Lopez has been attached to an adaption of the video game. This has been a rumor since the 1990s and it seemed likely in 2011, but nothing has come of it other than broken promises.

That is my list of films stuck in Development Limbo that I would like to see. What about you? Comment below and you might see it on another list. Be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one. 


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