Book Review: Cultivating Kingdom Creativity

I just want to say, this is a really awesome book! The author, Theresa Dedmon (of Bethel Church in Redding, California) takes the reader on a training course on developing the Supernatural Kingdom Creativity that is within every single one of us. She discusses activation, training, and how to be a good steward in the gifts within creativity.

The sections that had the biggest impact on me were the two that focused on inner and physical healing. I have witnessed, first hand, how an artistic expression can impact someone’s lives for the better, so reading and learning about01 Cultivating Kingdom Creativity it in greater detail helped to fortify these experiences in my memory.

I loved reading about the testimonies in these chapters, particularly the one about the girl who painted through her pain. God took her on a journey through her painting, where, at first it was covered in tears, but then painted over in red (signifying the covering of the blood of Jesus) and finally white (the redemptive purity that God had given her.) These stories inspire me and help me to seek out a driven desire for God to use me even more creatively.

The second most impactful part of the book was the first few chapters in how the author describes activating the different generations including seniors, young adults, teenagers, and children. I love hearing stories of how, whether old or young, the person that was being trained would activate, seeing visually what God was doing in their lives and be able to put that in some artistic medium. Not only for other people, but also the encounters they had in their personal lives.

This book opened my eyes to see creativity in a new way. I love artistic expression, especially in poetry form and writing. I have been experimenting with other art forms, including sketching and painting. I want to be used mightily, and (who knows) maybe even make a career out of being creative.

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