Book Review- John G. Lake

John G Lake book

John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith, is one of the best compilation books I have ever read. It combines personal testimonies with sermons, radio addresses, letters to friends, and even poems. I have to say, the words jumped right off the pages for me. Kenneth Copeland and his team did an amazing job of putting together an image of a man who truly wanted to see the kingdom of God move, and people be healed.

As a poet, I especially loved the first entry: Guidance. That simple piece of creativity set the tone for an incredible read into the heart and mind of a man who saw something wrong, and turned to the only thing that could stop it: the power of

The part that impacted me the most was when Dr. Lake was describing, in his own words, his journey to South Africa in Chapter 25: Adventures in God. That is easily my favorite chapter. The faith of the man to go to a strange nation he had never been to. What amazes me even more is the faith of his wife. She went with him and stood by his side. She saw the people hurting and was faithful to her husband until her tragic death. I know now that when God tells me to go, I will go. He provided everything for Dr. Lake and his family, and if He’ll do it for them, He will do it for me as well. I will try to find a spouse who will operate in the same faith of both the first Mrs. Lake and the second. Those women deserve as much credit as Dr. Lake for their outstanding and amazing faithfulness to the mission God sent their husband on.

The second thing that not only impacted me, but also inspired me, was his personal testimonies that were sown through the whole book. One in particular stood out to me. The story of the woman with a hip that was weak. A hypnotist had been trying for months to heal her, but then one day, Dr. Lake sees her and proclaims, “Be healed in the name of Jesus,” and instantly it snapped into the right position. Another favorite was the one about a woman with a thirty-five pound growth in her stomach. Dr. Lake prayed for her and it went away, almost as if it never truly existed. Imagine, we have the true power, and I learned that from this testimony. I pray that may faith will increase to this level, where I speak and it opens the door for me.

The wisdom from this book is amazing, and I plan to pass it on to those who seek a healing anointing, so they can learn the true power of God from a man who had faith to move the mountain of sickness.

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