Top 10 Star Trek Voyager Episodes

Thrown into deep space with a Starfleet crew and a rebel crew, Captain Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew, broke the glass ceiling as the first female captain to headline in Star Trek Voyager. Airing from January 1995 through May 2001, the show lacked some of the imagination of Next Generation, it still has a solid place in the franchise.

Here is my list of Top 10 Best Star Trek Voyager Episodes:

10. Caretaker – In the pilot episode, the starship Voyager is pulled into the Delta Quadrant against their will, forcing them to travel 70 years to return to the Alpha Quadrant.

09. Non Sequitur – Ensign Harry Kim wakes up in San Francisco in an alternate timeline where he never joined the Voyager mission.

08. Basics – The Voyager ship gets over-taken by the Kazon and leaves the crew stranded on a primitive planet.

07. The Equinox – The crew encounters another the USS Equinox also trapped in the Delta Quadrant. However, they soon find the captain and the senior officers have engaged in murdering an alien race.

06. Death Wish – The crew encounters the lifeform known as Q for the first time.

05. The Killing Game – The interstellar hunting race known as the Hirogen take over Voyager and brainwash the crew into participating in a deadly hunt.

04. Course: Oblivion – A race of aliens who think they are the Voyager crew realize the truth and seek to find a place to survive before they die.

03. Live Fast And Prosper – A group of pirates imitates Captain Janeway and her senior officers in order to con various alien ships.

02. Tsunkatse – Two Voyager crewmates are kidnapped and forced to fight in a Martial Arts tournament.

01. Scorpion – After the crew finds a safe passage through Borg space, they discover that there is a war raging on in the sector.

That is my list. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below and tell me what episodes are your favorite. Check out my Top 10 Best Star Trek Next Generation Episodes. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more posts like this one.

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