Movie Review- Superman Doomsday

Superman Doomsday is a 2007 direct-to-video animated comic book film based on the story-arc The Death Of Superman. Directed with the combined efforts of animated series veterans Bruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, with Brandon Vietti and featuring an all-star voice cast, it is a toned-down version of the comic book plot. Warning, this review has some spoilers.

Lex Luthor (James Marsters) is digging deep in the ocean for a strange creature and when it awakens, it destroys his engineering crew. It is an alien monster unlike anything the world has seen. Meanwhile, Superman (Adam Baldwin) and Louis Lane (Anne Heche) have developed their relationship and she hints that she knows he is Clark Kent. Though he plays coy and avoids the question.

Doomsday soon reaches Metropolis and starts devastating the city. Superman flies in and attempts to fight the creature, only to be overwhelmed by its strength and rage. He soon sacrifices himself to deliver a final blow, killing himself and Doomsday. The city mourns and Luthor takes the opportunity to create a clone version of Superman that he can control.

I did enjoy this movie, but I can tell that Warner Bros. Animation played it safe with this. Instead of the intense plot where four men try to take up the mantle of the Man of Steel, they condensed it down to one clone who goes rogue. It made for an interesting twist, but I missed the complexity of the original arc.

Also, when Superman is revealed to be alive, it was underwhelming. I knew that he really was alive (no one ever dies in comics), but I still wanted them to at least try to surprise me. No such luck.

While I admire James Marsters as an actor, he was not the right pick to play Lex Luthor. He did not have that foreboding sense of dread when that actors carry when they play Luthor. That was mildly disappointing.

That said, this is an enjoyable film and I appreciated what it tried to do. The artwork is tremendous and Adam Baldwin made an excellent voice for the Man of Steel. His performance and the reveal of the black suit made it a very engaging film to watch.

FAVORITE QUOTE: He also goes by Kal-El.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Foul language

Check out the movie trailer below:

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