Anime Movie Review- Tales From Earthsea

Gorō Miyazaki directed the Studio Ghibli’s 2006 film Tales From Earthsea, adapted from the ‘Earthsea’ book series by author Ursula K. Le Guin and translated into English by Walt Disney Pictures.

In the land of Earthsea, something is affecting the magical balance of the world. So much so, that dragons are killing one another.

Prince Arren (Matt Levin) is being affected by this. He murders his father and steals his magical sword.

Arren escapes and heads to Hort Town where he encounters the Archmage Sparrowhawk (Timothy Dalton), who is investigating the negative effects of the Balance. During his investigation, he and Arren disrupt the slave trade of Lord Cobb (Willem Dafoe) and rescue the young girl Therru (Blaire Restaneo) who they send to live with Sparrowhawk’s friend Tenar (Mariska Hargitay).

Lord Cobb is angered by the disruption and it is revealed that he is the one trying to tip the scale of the Balance, so he cannot die. When he learns about Arren, he wishes to manipulate him and use his magical sword to access greater magical power.

The story’s plot sometimes gets muddle with the mythology that is supposed to be guiding it. At times, I found myself questioning the motivations of the characters. However, those moments were far and inbetween. I found it a satisfying and moving. Disney did a great job casting for the English version which featured an amazing all-star cast.

Le Guin did not enjoy the anime adaption of her books. It was not a direct adaptation, but an amalgam of themes and plot points from several of the books. It is said that she never likes any of the media adaptations of her novels. Not that I blame her.

However, since I have not read the novels, I did find the movie enjoyable and an incredible adventure.

FAVORITE QUOTE: No man nor any living thing in this world preserves their life forever.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, disturbing images

Watch the Japanese movie trailer below:

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