Movie Review: Won’t Back Down

Won’t Back Down is a heartwarming story about a mother, a student, and a teacher who united to take back their school. The teacher’s union hate it, of course. Any liberal hates the truth, that their union buddies allow horrible teachers, special interests, a bought-and-paid-for school board, and despondent faculty members to run schools and ruin kids education.

This movie, staring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis as the teacher and parent who are determined to get their rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. They battle a mountain of beauracracy, a flawed system, bribery, character assassination, intimidation, and an army of union threats that come down to one question: what about the kids? As they fight to take back their school, they unite an unlikely group of people to help save their school.

The acting was exceptional, the scenery great, and the story unparalleled. I’ll admit there was a few plot holes that could have been filled, but otherwise, it was an awesome and inspirational story. I hope other parents will take up the cause in the film and take back their schools from the unions and the horrible union teachers that are causing our schools to fail.

I’m surprised the liberal Hollywood allowed this film to be made because it shows the truth, unions are more interested in preserving their cash flows than letting teachers teach and kids be educated. The fictional teacher’s union in the film quote Albert Shanker’s horrific quote: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” Of course, like with Margaret Sanger, his apologists are saying he never said that. Wow, that’s pretty true. With parents rushing to charter school, private schools, and magnet schools, it’s no wonder the unions are desperate.

Of course, parents, if you are reading this, just blaming the unions will not work. If you refuse to take action, you are responsible. Lead the charge through legislating, lobbying, and voting. Let your voice be heard! Be the parent-trigger!

FAVORITE QUOTE: Would you help me start a school?

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor language and thematic elements.

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