Letter to the USA 2012 Olympians

Dear Olympians!

Thank you for giving us your all and your best. Your country is very proud of your hard work, record breaking, and medal winning. For those of you who won no medals, don’t be ashamed, we’re very proud of the effort you made. For those who broke records, congratulations, you’ve earned your place in the history books. For those who thank God and praise Jesus, WAY TO GO! Keep your faith real! Don’t let the liberal media intimidate you. For the medal winners, you are awesome. You’ve gone above and beyond!

To all of the athletes, the coaches, the trainers, and the teams, thank you! These 2012 Olympics have proven that the American spirit is alive and well. You have inspired us to go the extra mile, just like you!

You still have several more battles to fight, but we know you can do it! You’re country is so thankful that you went above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you,

An American

Here’s a link to the standings: NBC Olympics

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