Graphic Novel Review- Batman: Going Sane

Batman Going Sane

Batman: Going Sane is the collected storyline from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight DC Comic series by J.M. Dematteis of the same name. 

After the Joker kidnaps a Gotham City councilwoman, Batman arrives to save her and take the Clown Prince of Crime down. However, after a struggle, Joker apparently kills Batman and throws his body into a river. Joker then disappears and Joe Kerr, the mild mannered accountant, moves into town. He starts dating a beautiful woman and is soon engaged. 

Batman, however, is alive. He goes through physical therapy with a woman doctor that he saved at one time and returns to help Commissioner Gordon hunt down the Joker. The problem is, the Joker is nowhere to be found. Is the villain gone for good or is his disappearance to good to be true?

Batman is of course the coolest superhero to ever come out of comic books. Bob Kane did this world a favor. I do sometimes think the Joker gets overused with Batman plots, but I found this storyline (of which I own all of the original issues) very well made and one of the best Joker stories to come out in awhile. 

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