Top 20 Celebrities That Can’t Stand Each Other

Hollywood can be a lot of fun, but it can also cause high stress environments. As a result, sometimes the actors and actresses can develop everlasting rivalries that cause people to take sides. When a celebrity makes millions filming, you would think they could put differences aside. That does not appear to be the case for those in this post. This is a list of 20 celebrities that cannot stand each other and refuse to work together on a film set.

Bill Murray/Lucy Liu- Murray apparently was not happy with Liu’s performance on Charlie’s Angels. So much so, he refused to return for the sequel, being replaced with Bernie Mac. He apparently insulted her acting and the two allegedly engaged in a spat before being separated.

Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom- The pop singer made fun of the talented actor at a bar over Bloom’s former wife and got into a bar fight over it. Bloom struck back by hooking up with Bieber’s ex and things have not subsided.

Kim Kardashian/Paris Hilton- The battle of the preppy rich girls heated up off screen. Kim worked as Paris’ assistant for a time. After the former achieved her own fame, Hilton became catty and refuses to speak to her.

Jane Hubert/Will Smith– The original Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air blames her co-star for her departure and refuses to sit with him at reunion shows. Will Smith says that she was a tyrant on the set and tried to take over the show.

Don Lemon/Jonah Hill– Granted, Don Lemon is a different kind of actor, but the two got into a Twitter feud after Hill apparently dissed Lemon. In the end the high profile CNN anchor ended up looking like a real jerk.

Tom Cruise/Brooke Shields- The Mission: Impossible star can be a real jerk. He used his “expertise” as a Scientologist to go after Shields for taking prescription medicine for her postpartum depression. They have not spoken since. Who can blame her?

Madonna/Gwyneth Paltrow- So much ego in one room, it was bound to happen. The two were best friends until 2010 when the relationship ended badly. Neither has bothered to explain what ended the friendship. Not that we care.

George Clooney/Russell Crowe- These two are in a race to see who can be the most overrated actor of all time. Crowe took a dig at Clooney in an interview back in 2005 and they have been fighting ever since. Apparently, Crowe tried to mend fences, but Clooney turned him down.

James Franco/Anne Hathaway- After their disastrous hosting of the 2011 Academy Awards, Franco went on The Howard Stern Show where he stayed tight lipped as the host bashed her. Hathaway responded by doing a weird art piece. They apparently avoid each other now.

Leah Remini/Kirstie Allie– Though they use to be best friends, when Remini began calling out the alleged abuses of the Church of Scientology, Allie broke ties completely, as he is a Scientologist. Remini has been rejected by Allie, who has tried to hold onto her fame by bashing the former King of Queens star.

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