Movie Review Flashback- The Score

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After almost being caught, master thief and safe cracker and Montréal club owner Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) decides to retire, but his fence Max (Marlon Brando) convinces him to try one more heist. However, this heist breaks his rule about stealing in his hometown. However, the target is a French scepter that is made of gold and jewels. It a European treasure worth millions. 

Nick wants to marry his girlfriend Diane (Angela Bassett), but she refuses while he is a thief. 

He is introduced to Jack (Edward Norton), a younger thief who is the inside man at the place where the scepter is stored. Jack is a hothead whom Nick does not like, but they decide to work together. However, things continually get complicated with upgraded security, more guards, computer hacks, and finding out Max owes the Mafia a ton of money. Will this succeed? Or will it fail?

Director Frank Oz unites two godfathers, Marlon Brando (playing in the first Godfather) and Robert De Niro (playing in the sequel). The two of them act well together as do Bassett and Norton. The chemistry between all of the characters is what strings the movie together in a satisfying way. This is a great heist film and while I am not a fan of making criminals seem heroic, I did find this movie enjoyable and well entertaining. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: When was it you started thinking you were better than me?

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence and strong language

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