Classic Film Review- The Train Robbers

The Train Robbers

Directed by Burt Kennedy, The Train Robbers is a not as well known of a John Wayne film despite it being one of the most high quality films that he made during his life time. It features an ensemble cast of some of his most well known acting friends including Ben Johnson and Rod Taylor. 

The Duke stars as Lane (of no relation to his previous character in Hondo). He and his friends live in a small town in Texas where a woman, Mrs. Lowe (Ann-Margret), comes telling them that her husband was part of a gang that robbed gold from a train. She has returned to get the gold to clear her husband’s name for their son’s sake. Lane convinces her to to take him and his posse with her to collect the gold and collect an award the Railroad Commission put up for its return. However, the original gang that stole the gold is after it as well as a shadowy Pinkerton agent who is following the posses every move. 

Mixed with the Duke’s raw sense of humor and stunning backdrops, this film should be remembered as one of John Wayne’s most iconic films. Burt Kennedy, an American hero who served in the military with distinction, made some incredible films in his times including the original version of The Killer Inside Me. He captures the story in a typical Western fashion and while the aesthetics are nothing new, they are still visually pleasing to the idea. 

He creates a plot twist that will rattle you, but not in a M. Night way. It comes as more as a surprise. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Robbing a train…

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence and language

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