Movie Review- The Vow

The Vow Poster

Director Micael Sucsy adapts the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter into the fictional film The Vow which follows the same premise of a couple, now named Leo and Paige Collins. 

Leo (Channing Tatum) is a music producer who owns an independent recording company. His wife Paige (Rachel McAdams) is an artist who just got a commission for a piece. However, after an accident, Paige loses all of her past memories of her marriage with Leo. At first, the couple tries to work it out, but as it becomes clear that Paige has lost all of her memories completely, they both begin to wonder if she can rediscover their love. 

It is a heartwarming love story, but as my sister said, “I liked the film, but they changed everything from the real story.” I somewhat enjoyed it, especially since it breaks from the usual romantic comedy formula, but it fell short on a few plot points. I felt that some scenes were rushed and I wanted it to expand more on Paige’s previous relationships, like the one with her father, played by Sam Neil, and her former boyfriend.  

That is not meant to take away from the talent. Tatum and McAdams have great on-screen chemistry. They carry the film through its flaws and definitely make it watchable. There were times when I could relate to them and other times when I could not, but I found that Tatum definitely has way more talent than a lot of people give him credit for. Also, McAdams is a star in her own right. I have not seen a movie yet where I felt like she phoned it in and that goes for this movie as well. She was brilliant as usual and brought lots of life into the role. 

Bottom line, The Vow is kind of subpar, but it makes for a great date night movie or a rainy day, thanks to its talented leads.

FAVORITE QUOTE: You are such a hypocrite!

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild innuendo, foul language

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