Movie Review Flashback- Truman


Gary Sinise is such a great actor. It is a shame he has primarily been on television. I miss him on the big screen, but this HBO television movie starring him as Harry Truman is great. 

Truman takes licenses with history. The biopic shows Democrat Harry Truman’s meager rise from a farmer to judge to the Senate to the Vice Presidency, and then he is thrust into the seat as the President of the United States of America at the tale end of a war. It shows his strategies during World War 2, then the Korean War, and his open disagreements with General Douglas MacArthur. My favorite scene is when he is told he won reelection, but the papers reported that he lost. 

Directed by Frank Pierson and based on the historical book Truman by David McCullough, this is one of my personal favorite HBO films to come out during the 1990s. Aside from Gary Sinise’s brilliant acting, he is surrounded by a great supporting cast including Diana Scarwid as First Lady Bess Truman. 

It does an excellent job displaying the politics of the day and the entrance of Truman into the White House. While there is some slight historical licenses which I had trouble with, it accurately portrays a man of humble beginnings pushed into being the leader of the free world. 

PARENTAL CONCERN: Language and violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: Does he think he is president?

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